[Crowdfunding] Tarot de la Marelle - Florence Magnin

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[Crowdfunding] Tarot de la Marelle - Florence Magnin

Message par Aldaran » 20 novembre 2021, 20:27

Au cas où quelqu'un(e) aurait loupé l'info...


In this game of 78 cards, Florence Magnin reveals her imagination and offers us a stunning tarot deck!
This unique tarot was developed thanks to her mastery of fantasy and the Tarot of Marseilles’ symbolism, both associated with her extraordinary style.
Each card is an opening door into Florence Magnin’s detailed and dreamlike universe, filled with secrets that only ask to be brought to light.
This deck of cards is as much of an initiation as it is an invitation to discover this universe, so let’s follow her into the Maze Tarot…[/i]

La page est ici.